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Money going down the drain

In the NFL millions and millions of dollars get thrown around every year. Many of the players in the league work hard for their money throughout their careers; however, some players have millions of dollars thrown at them for seemingly nothing. Let's take a look at some of the most overpaid players in the NFL today:

10. Adrian Peterson = $11.75 Million

Sure Adrian Peterson didn't play the entire season, but his 15-game suspension was self-inflicted. The child abuse scandal also turned into a PR nightmare for the Vikings who both finished with a losing record (7-9) and lost one of the best running backs in the NFL.

9. Vincent Jackson = $10 Million

The second highest paid wide receiver in the NFL was absolutely scorched by rookie Mike Evans this season. In fact, Evans had 10 more touchdowns in 2014 than Jackson, for a lot less money.

8. Greg Hardy = $13.11 Million

Hardy is another player that wins a spot on here because of a self-inflicted suspension. His domestic abuse charges may have kept him off the field, but they didn’t stop him from receiving nearly $800,000 a week from the Carolina Panthers.

7. Dwayne Bowe = $8.23 Million

Dwayne Bowe didn’t catch a single touchdown in 2014.  As a matter of fact, no wide receiver on the entire Kansas City Chiefs roster caught a touchdown.  Is that even possible?

Despite his horrific play, Bowe's salary is set to increase by over $2 million in 2015.  This has fueled speculation that he will either be traded or cut this offseason.

I can't imagine a scenario where another team wants to inherit Bowe's inflated salary, so it is likely he'll end up on the chopping block.

6. Brian Orakpo = $11.45 Million

Orakpo hasn’t played a full since 2011, but that didn’t stop the Washington Redskins from franchise tagging him heading into 2014.  Orakpo only managed to play in seven games this season before his pectoral injury.  In those seven game he totaled a measly half sack and 24 total tackles.

5. Haloti Ngata = $16 Million

Ngata made a ton of money for next to nothing this past season.  In 2014 Ngata raked in $16 million but only posted two sacks.  For those of you out there who are numerically-challenged, that's roughly $8 million per sack.

4. Percy Harvin = $6.47 Million

After being traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the New York Jets, Percy Harvin made it clear he didn’t want to be there.  His numbers were a reflection of this.  Harvin had one receiving touchdown for the Jets, pitiful numbers for the 7th highest paid receiver in the NFL.

3. Sam Bradford = $14 Million

After another lost season the Rams cashed-in what they could for Sam Bradford this week, trading him for Nick Foles.  Whether due to bad luck or not, it's very apparent that Bradford is made of glass.  Over his entire NFL career, Bradford has now missed 41 of a possible 80 games.  The check must be nice though.

2. Matt Schaub = $8 Million

Schaub had arguably the best job in America this past season, warming the bench while raking-in millions.  Schaub collected a fat check while rookie Derek Carr started for the Oakland Raiders this past season.

1. Jay Cutler = $8 Million

The fact that Jay Cutler is making this much money is a disgrace to the other quarterbacks in the NFL. The highest paid player in the league led his team to a 6-10 record in 2014, missing the playoffs yet again.

Despite the poor showing, and amidst a flurry of trade rumors, the Bears have stated that they expect Cutler to return in 2015.  Winning season or not, it looks like Cutler will again be laughing all the way to the bank.








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